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You and your guests are on a Caribbean island and there is just no better way to connect with the water, the marine life and with each other than being out on a boat with someone else at the helm so that you can enjoy it too.  Whether it is deep-sea fishing, reef fishing,  a snorkel/stingray charter or simply hiring a captain to take you to dinner at a waterfront restaurant across the sound…the memories of that experience are strong with our guests.  You can bring your food & beverages, you can alter the itinerary, you can just cruise if you want…


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These docile creatures collect on the Sandbar out in the North Sound.  Protected by our Department of Environment, the 90+ stingrays that frequent the Sandbar may be fed squid by hand and gently cradled by our guides and tourists. Some of the rays live to be over 70 years old. No shoes or fins permitted at the Sandbar.  The water is only 3-4 feet deep and crystal clear.

Public & Private excursions to the Sand Bar are readily available.  If you have a group of 6 or more people, we recommend investigating a private charter for the best value.  The charter captains try to schedule their Sandbar stop so as to avoid the largest crowds. Early in the morning and later in the afternoon are the best times.  The Red Sail Catamarans are also an excellent way to spend time with the rays and marine life.

Stingray Sandbar Charters


Behind most of the oceanfront homes will be plenty of coral heads and reefs in the shallow, warm water.  You will need either swim fins or hard-soled water-shoes to protect your feet while wading.  Inside the barrier reef there will be almost no current and the deepest water will be no more than 10-15 feet deep.  Snorkel equipment is easily rented or purchased on island.  We also have services that will rent/deliver.

Private & Public snorkel charters will include a few snorkel stops with a stingray Sandbar trip for about 3-4 hours in the morning or afternoon.  These are VERY POPULAR and the #1 public charter would have to be Red Sail Sport’s afternoon Catamaran from Rum Point.  Private charters can be with either a captained boat OR a “Jet-Ski Snorkel Safari” using multiple jet-skis!

Snorkeling Charters


Whether or not you are certified, we have many dive operators who offer all levels of instruction, including a “resort course” that simply goes over the basics in a swimming pool and then a shallow divemaster-supervised ocean dive in less than 25 feet.

Grand Cayman is well known as one of the Top-5 dive destinations in the world, due in part to the number of PADI 5-star teaching facilities, the vibrant marine life, the short boat ride to excellent dive sites and the availability of excellent hyperbaric medical equipment & personnel on island.

Dive Operators


Often voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world, 7MB is actually open to the public (up to the high water mark).  You can take a leisurely barefoot walk from the Ritz-Carlton all the way down to Royal Palms for lunch!  Grand Cayman offers many public parking places and public easements directly adjacent to the Westin, Marriott and Ritz-Carlton resorts.

7MB offers calm, warm clear water that is truly barefoot swimming.  The only trade-off is that everyone else is also looking for that beach…so it can get quite crowded during busy weeks on island.

7 Mile Beach


Jerome Begot has been operating Cayman Helicopters for well over 10 years on island.  His helicopter is detailed with the artwork of Guy Harvey, our local marine artist/videographer/biologist.

Cayman Helicopters offers tours of different lengths and itineraries. His Eurocopter AS350 can seat 5 guests plus pilot.  During your tour, Jerome will be looking out for unique marine life (whales, mantas, dolphin pods) as well as dive boats and he can also show you the grand villas owned by the “Rich and Famous”!

Cayman Helicopters


While we have dozens of excellent restaurants around the island, there is something to be said for not having to get in the car or do any of the prep, cooking, serving, clearing or cleaning.

Hiring a private chef may not save you any money compared with going out to dinner, but not having to designate a driver, being able to customize the menu and the ultimate convenience of enjoying a professionally-prepared meal in the comfort of your private oceanfront villa is memorable.  Please click our PDF on Chefs and Cooks.

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Opened in 2016, this is a very popular walking tour of 6-8 underground caverns within the limestone interior of the island.  Very well finished with a nice gift shop and clean bathrooms, the Crystal Caves offer our tourists not only a glimpse of the natural wonders of Grand Cayman, but your local guide also shares with you the history of the caves, the flora and fauna as well as the hardships endured by the Northsiders who grew up in this area of the island without electricity until 1974.

Crystal Caves


The Atlantis submarine in George Town is a very popular attraction for those who may be visiting town one afternoon or early evening.  This is an actual submersible submarine that takes it passengers on a 30 minute-long, 100 foot deep underwater voyage around the harbor of George Town.  This attraction is very professionally managed and is part of the Atlantis fleet of submarines around the world.  Most popular is the dusk voyage (after the cruise ships have left) where early nocturnal predators become more active. 

Atlantis Submarine


The island has many skilled professional photographers who can come to your villa or condo and take lasting photos of your trip to Grand Cayman.  Anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and reunions are very popular events for hiring a photographer to preserve your memories.

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Famous for it’s white sand beach, calm water and the “Wreck Bar”, Rum Point is a public beach club with full water-sports, casual and fine dining, shopping and plenty to keep families busy.  Plenty of lounge chaises (bring towels), rental jetskis, paddle boards, snorkeling gear, stingray sandbar catamaran and a glass-bottomed boat.  Pick-up volleyball games and a new “Dak Shack” for blender drinks out on the beach.

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