Slack'Em Charters

Captain Jon Arch has been our number one starting quarterback for deep-sea fishing for almost 5 years.  Larger boats, colorful captain, solid crew and a strong back office with his wife Stephanie running it to prevent mix-ups.  Jon & his crew can do it all…from a combination fishing and stingray sandbar trip to an overnight or multi-day Tuna/Marlin fishing trip to the “banks” (about 70 miles northeast of grand Cayman).  Jon will collect you at the Kaibo in Rum Point or Camana Bay near George Town. Half-day and full-day charters available.

Slack’em offers discounted rates to Silver Thatch Cardholders (Paying in Cash).


Crystal Sea Charters

Crystal Sea Charters is an awesome experience,  The owner also owns the very-popular Tukka Restaurant, Eagle Rays Bar & Grill and  (new for 2018) Taco Cantina..all located in the east end. “If you Hook it, we Cook it” means that if you catch fish…Chef Ron Hargrave invites you out to Tukka for dinner where the fishermen on the boat are credited with their entree on the house.  Crystal Sea Charters has 2 smooth-riding Twin Hull World Cat Boats…both a 27-footer and a larger 33-footer for both deep-sea, reef-fishing as well Stingray, Starfish and snorkeling sightseeing charters if you wish.  Half-day and full-day charters available.

 Crystal Sea offers 10% discounted rates to Silver Thatch Guests 


Blue Haven Charters

Offering a fast 31′ Jupiter center-console with hard-top, Blue Haven Charters is locally owned and operated from the Kaibo in Rum Point.

Blue Haven Charters is  a small, personalized company operated solely by it’s owner, Captain Blair. He offers private, personalized fishing boat charters out of Rum Point for deep-sea fishing, reef fishing and snorkel charters.  His 31′ Jupiter is very dry as well as comfortable with bolsters forward and aft.  He is set up with outriggers and plenty of heavy and light tackle.

His boat has 2X300 hp Yamahas and he can get out to the fishing grounds and back very quickly if needed. Blair can do combination snorkel/fishing trips as well.  Half-day and Full-day trips offered. 

Blair offers discounted rates to Silver Thatch Cardholders.


Chasin' Tail

Randy Parchment is one of two good flyfishing guides on island who can put you on bonefish. The rest is up to you!

Our waters are clear, the bonefish are super fast and well-fed…not a recipe for catching a ton of fish.  You will need a guide on Grand Cayman and Randy is one of the best. He may collect you in one of his special flats boats, but depending what side of the island you may be staying on, he may suggest wading from shore.

The south east coast of the island is one great area…and of course near Barkers Beach there are secret spots.  If you are a flyfisherman, then you know that no guide advertises where the fish hang out (lest they be out of a job!)


Silver Thatch Endorsement

*Neither Silver Thatch Guest Services nor it’s employees accept any fees or commissions from our Preferred Vendors of products or services on Grand Cayman.  Our Preferred Vendors obtain that status by providing excellent service and attitude and that hopefully encourages guests to re-book a subsequent vacation on Grand Cayman. 


It is in all of our best interests for our guests to have a wonderful, memorable experience while on Grand Cayman.